The road to your best career is easier than you think.

It can be hard to imagine this when you’re stuck in a wrong job or worse, the wrong career. The thing is, everything is harder without a strategy and a plan. And when it comes to getting unstuck and finding a job you’ll love, a solid strategy is your way out.

The Power Move Strategy gives you a head start. It begins with your Power Move Profile followed by the four power move steps you don’t want to miss. If you’re done being stuck—or want to avoid it altogether—this free course is a must.


Learn what it takes to make a career move in today’s fast-changing world.

Get your Power Move Profile after completing a brief quiz

Identify the triggering catalyst that will drive your actions

Become aware of the key roadblocks that will stop you before you even begin
Understand the kinds of resources that you will need

Define the direction you want to take your career

Find the support structure to help you stay on track

Hello. My name is Lou Blaser and I help professionals bridge the gap between where they are and where they want to be.

The pursuit of a meaningful career is one thing I have been studying and working on for years. Using my background in strategy and implementation, I have been helping individuals create their personal strategies and action plan for achieving the work-life they want.

No matter what kind of career move you want to make—from a job change to a career change, and anywhere in between—you need a strategy to get you started and stay on track. This course will help you start on the right footing and develop the plan that’s right for you starting with your Power Move Profile.